How do I have incorrect data set information corrected?

I made an error in the consumer's name/address/DBO or Soc Sec# when I ordered the credit report. Can you correct it for me?
We are unable to correct even the smallest error in the dataset (name, address, DOB, Soc Sec#).
  • The information entered when ordering a credit report is sent instantly to the repositories (Experian, Equifax and TransUnion) the moment the file is requested. There is no way to alter that information without requesting a new credit report.
  • Manually altering (falsifying) the data on the credit report would violate GSE requirements and expose the lender to repurchase risk. Any alteration might also violate Federal law in the form of OFAC, FACTA, FCRA as the resulting US Treasury Department SDN and FACTA/Red Flag identity theft searches would show false results.
  • Also critical to note, any errors in a consumer dataset are instantly captured by each repository and can result in corruption to the consumer's credit file. These include variations in name spelling, DOB, address and social security number causing FACTA Red Flag alerts, check points, fraud alerts and the potential for incorrect data to appear on the consumer credit report. These errors can be very difficult for a consumer to correct and can cause direct harm that could lead to litigation.
To avoid credit report errors, please make sure you're using the correct and complete dataset information for the consumer including,
  • Full Name including middle initial and suffix (if applicable.) Do not use nicknames or name abbreviations. Include any suffix even if the consumer states they do not normally use it.
  • 2 years of residence history. If they have resided at their current address for less than 2 years, be sure to include a previous address.
  • Correct Date of Birth and Social Security Number.

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