Consumer Script - Contacting Bureaus to Remove Dispute Statements

When contacting the bureaus to request removal of existing dispute verbiage on accounts, consumers should be aware that in some cases representatives may extend offers for products or services. For this reason, at times representatives may direct consumers to contact a number or department other than the numbers initially provided.
The following verbiage is recommended when calling the bureaus:
“I need to request removal of compliance condition remarks code of AID (Account in Dispute) as I am no longer disputing an account on my credit report”.
“I recently received a copy of my credit report and there is a compliance condition code causing an Account Information Disputed by Consumer remark to appear. I am not disputing the account and need the compliance code removed in order to eliminate the account in dispute remark.”
The bureaus may not be able to remove dispute verbiage in every case. There will be times when a consumer is advised by the bureau that the creditor must be contacted by the consumer to request removal.
Although it may be frustrating at times, remember that patience is an asset during this process. If during the first call to a bureau a representative is unfamiliar with the process or seemingly unable to assist , the best course may be to call again and reach a different representative.

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