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The My Profile Tab in Preflight is where you set up your personal information that is reflected on your Preflight webpage.  All fields are defined below with short explanations if necessary.  To edit your information at any time, simply click the gear icon in the blue header bar.
Profile photo:  This is your head shot photo that will display on your PF webpage.  This will also display on any Partner relationships you have set up within PF.  This is a square image preferably and should be at minimum 120 pixels x 120 pixels and no larger than 3MB in size.
First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, Suffix :  This is what will show on your Preflight webpage.  If you prefer “Mike instead of Michael” – you would make that change in these fields.  If you would prefer to not have any middle name or suffix shown, simply leave these fields blank.
Title:  The job title that will be shown following your name on your Preflight webpage.
Zip Code:  The zip code is used if you reside or work in a different area than your assigned branch or corporate office.  The Zip code allows you to offer your services upon a Preflight search (by partner or consumer) by a chosen zip code.
Certificates:  If you have obtained any certificates you would like listed (ex. MBA, PhD, Esq., etc…)
Account Name:  This is the company branch or office in which you are employed.  This will be reflected on your PF webpage and also in the “My Company Profile” section.  This is set by CT.  
Parent Account Name: If your branch is not a corporate location, you may have a parent account listed.  This is informational purposes only.
        Office: This is the shown email address on your webpage and is also the place where the PF email notifications will be sent.  This can support more than one email if you want notifications to be sent to more than one person. Separate emails with a semicolon         (;)  Ex.
        Other Email: This is a secondary email source, typically a personal email.
        Primary:  This is the phone number displayed on your Preflight web page, many times a cell phone is listed in this field.
        Other:  This is secondary phone option.
NMLS: This is your NMLS number that will display on your PF page.  The "My Company Profile" Tab will show the corporate NMLS associated with your account and will also display.
Generate Credits: This field displays the ability to offer credits to your clients and affiliate partners.  Yes/No – if yes, you are free to use a predetermined amount of credits to offer your clients and affiliate partners (set by your administrator.)  If No, your administrator has restricted the use of credits.  Please contact your company administrator for more information as CT does not manage these options.
Credentials:  Your Login and Password for the PF system only.
My Licensing:  Any and all licensing information you want/need displayed on your Preflight Webpage.  This information will be displayed under the “Disclosure and Licensing” URL at the bottom of your PF Webpage.
About Me:  A short summary about yourself to be placed on your Preflight Webpage.  If this field is left blank – section will not display.
Ratings & Reviews:  This is a star rating given to you by your previous clientele.  The “Display” box  allows you to choose whether your ratings and reviews are displayed on your PF website This option can be restricted or set to default by your administrator and locked. If you want to make changes to a locked section of Preflight – please contact your company administrator as CT does not manage these options.
Your Preflight Page URL:   By default your Preflight supplied webpage (hosted order page URL) will be displayed upon a Consumer initiated search. If you are permitted or required to use an Embedded Order Page, which is when the Preflight form is placed within your corporate website – place that website address in the “Embedded Page” section.  This will direct a Consumer initiated search to the page on your website where the Preflight form exists.  If you do not know which option is correct, please leave the defaulted “hosted order page.”
Other Media:  This field allows for the addition of media to your PF webpage.  This can support a video link, Image, PDF, Word document, etc…  You can place an icon or image for the media, an associated Title, and a URL.  If you leave any of the fields blank, those fields will not display on the page. 
Social Media:  This allows you to add your personal/business social media accounts to your PF webpage.  If the fields are grayed out and you cannot make changes- they were locked by your Account administrator.  Please contact your administrator with questions as CT does not manage these options.  Icons for the 5 media sites displayed are automatic, simply adjust the URL to your pages.  If you do not have a particular social media presence – leave that field blank and it will not display.  5 media sites are available if you should want to replace one icon and site with another – you can do so by clicking change icon, uploading your new icon and adding the URL.
For Example:  you do not have a Pinterest account but you do have a tumbler account.  Click “Change Icon” next to the Pinterest image, upload the Tumbler Icon and add the URL of your tumbler account.

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