Invite Lender - Administrator

This page allows the addition of Users or Administrators to Preflight under your account or the subaccounts you administrate over.  It will send out an email invite that requests them to login and complete their PF registration, whilst setting up their personal PF webpage.
Account Info: 
Company and User Type: 
Company is a drop down, this allows for access to multiple accounts and subaccounts.  The User Type is for setting the permission level of the User you are inviting to PF.  A Loan Officer would typically be a User, while a branch manager may be an administrator (over just a branch, multiple branches, or full corporate rights.) When the User type is changed to admin, the window will change in order to deem which accounts/subaccounts/groups they are able to administrate over.
User Information:  This information is used to set up the initial PF user’s account so please be sure it is accurate.
CR Login is the loan officer’s CT website login (the login used to access CT to pull credit.)  Please note that all fields are not required so simply add what you deem correct.
Ability to generate credits: This option allows the user that is being invited to Preflight the ability to utilize campaigns to offer credits to their clients and their affiliate partners. These credits are corporate paid reports and have time restrictions set by you as the administrator.  When box is marked with a check – additional options (below) will appear. 
    # of Credits: is the total number of credit reports you are willing to allow this user to be “corporate paid.”
    Recurring:  The credits you allow this User can be restricted to a certain time limit or allowed to recur.
    Expiration Date: This is the date in which the credits approved will expire or if marked as reoccurring – will reset or     restock the credit bank.

Batch Invite:  If you have a large number of persons that need to be invited you can use a .csv file to upload their information rather than individually inputting information – this should save time and aggravation for larger size companies.  A sample file format is attached directly next to the “Upload” for your convenience in setting up your .csv file.
Preview: allows you to view invite and add additional information to email prior to being sent.
Pending Invitations: shows all invited users that are currently pending – this can be sorted by any of the headers listed or the “Advanced Search” option to look for someone specific.

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