Invite Partner - User

Invite Partner- USER
This page is where you will invite your Partners allowing them access to Preflight.  They will go through a very similar process that you did and will have a fully customizable webpage with the exception of you being listed as a referral (lending) option. 
Invite Partner: User Info:
These fields are for the person (partner) that you are inviting to Preflight.   
Ability to generate credit: This allows the partner access to a specified number of paid for reports (paid by your company) to be used in the form of campaigns. Additional boxes will display when marked with a check to allow specified amount and whether this is a recurring offer and/or when they expire.  Your administrator has the ability to restrict the use of “Credits.”  If you do not have access and would like to offer, Please get in touch with your company’s administrator as CT does not manage this option.
            # of Credits: is the total number of credit reports you are willing to allow this user to be “corporate paid.”
Recurring:  is whether this number can be “refilled” after an expiration date is set.
Expiration Date: This is the date in which the credits approved will expire or if marked as recurring – will reset or restock the credit bank.
Preview: Allows you to view and edit the email prior to sending a template has been defaulted for you - please be aware that over editing this email may cause the registration button to malfunction, please edit text only if possible.
Pending Invitations:  Shows all invites/emails that have been sent but have yet to complete the login/registration process.  You may “resend invite” from this area.
Advanced search allows you to search specific information regarding your previous affiliate invites.

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