Invite Consumer - Adminstrator

This is the page that will allow you to send an email invite to your client to fill out your PF webpage/form.  If you have credits available to you, you can also apply a credit so that a charge card is not required to order. You also have the ability to invite a consumer on behalf of any other User that you manage.
Account Info:  Company name drop down allows for access to multiple companies that you may manage.
Accounts:  Many administrators have management over multiple branches – this box allows you to pick and choose where the invite is coming from and expands the LO selection below to include LO’s from the branch chosen.
Loan Officer Name:  This will default to your name, however you may choose another loan officer’s name- if you are inviting on behalf of someone else.
Consumer Information:  This is where you place the consumer’s information that you want to send the invite to.
Apply a credit: By using the check and approving –this allows the consumer to order their PF report at no cost.  The credit card requirement is removed and your company will be charged for this report order.
Preview: Allows you to view and edit the email prior to sending a template has been defaulted for you - please be aware that over editing this email may cause the link button to malfunction, please edit text only if possible.
Pending Invitations shows all Invites that have been previously sent by you to your clients that have not yet filled out the PF webpage.  Includes contact name and email address used, who you had invited for/by (if other than you,) date it was originally sent and if a credit was included in the invite.
My and All Options: allow you to view only your own invites or those of the team you manage.
Resend: Allows you to resend the email to the consumer without having to duplicate data input.

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