This is where you can create campaign codes for PF.  You can create as many campaigns as needed, give them expiration dates and manage them.  A campaign code is a code that can be used by a consumer to obtain a Mortgage Preflight report without requiring the credit card information.  Credits must be previously approved by your administrator in order for campaigns to be used.  A credit is paid for by you or your mortgage company rather than the traditional PF transaction in which the consumer pays.
Pool:  The total credits available
Credits Allowed: Total Credits allotted to different campaigns (yours and the credits you have given to affiliates.)  This number can be more than the credits available.*
Credits Used: These are credits already used by a consumer
Credits Available:  Total Credits remaining
*The credits allotted may be more than available- for ex. you have allotted 75 of 100 available credits to Campaign “FTHB”, and you have also given a affiliate 50 credits to use in a campaign of theirs…This is over 100 credits however you know that all 75 of the campaigns with the code given will not be used.

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