View/Manage Partners - Adminstrator

This page is for managing your partner relationships and those relationships of your loan officers.  You can see general information regarding each and every partner under your management.  You can quickly break down by company, branch and group.  Advanced search options allow you to quickly find specific information. For even further detailed information see “reports”
Account Information:
Company:  As an administrator you may have access to multiple branches or accounts.  By changing the Company options via the drop down – the Branches associated will display under the Account list.  You may click the box next to the branch you are looking to manage and the list of affiliates will change based on branch chosen below.
My/All:  Allows you to look at only your affiliate relationships or All to show those of all you administrate over.
Advanced search: allows a more detailed approach at finding data
Table can be sorted by any of the data headers shown.

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