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This page is where the rating, reviews and testimonials given by consumers and partners are located.  The star rating is based upon the overall rating you receive with the number of reviews given showing as well.  You can choose to publish or unpublish the written review however doing this only deletes the comments, it does not delete the overall impact the star rating has.
If you have the rating and reviews section set to "do not display" (by not checking the box) within the My profile options- Ratings and Reviews will not be displayed on your PF webpage.
Filter by:  This allows you to filter the list by published, unpublished or all
Sort By: allows you to sort the list below by rating or date.
Testimonials differ from reviews as these are input by you and are able to be edited in any manner.  We give only the first and last initial to be sensitive to identification.
The + option next to the testimonial title is where you add the text to be shown.  It will ask for a first name and last initial and is capped at 100 characters.
You can delete or unpublish testimonials as you see fit. 

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