Add Preflight to My Website -

If you choose to embed your PF page within your own business or personal website - this is where you configure the information included so that it will best fit within your site.  Many websites already have the Logo, picture, about me, the website's own navigation therefore it is unnecessary to repeat this information on the PF form that will be embedded.
Let's begin with what an IFrame is:  

An IFrame (Inline Frame) is an HTML document embedded inside another HTML document on a website. The IFrame HTML element is often used to insert content from another source into a Web page.
So simply put- you are taking the PF webpage or form and inserting it into a page on your own website.  The following options on this page allow you to remove or keep certain characteristics on the PF page.
The check mark "shows" the section and the X "Hides" the section.
Company Logo:  If the company logo already exists on your website, you may want to Hide this feature.
Profile Picture:  This is your headshot or image from PF My Profile tab.
About Company:  this is the text portion of PF typically containing Company based information and history.
Ratings & Reviews:  shows or hides the ratings and reviews
About Me:  This is the text portion of the About me section from your My Profile tab in PF.
Social Media:  show or hide the social media icons you have listed under the My Profile tab within PF.
IFrame Width and Height:  This section is where you place the width and height you want the IFrame to be.  This is asking the pixel width and height available on your site.  This is most typically used when navigation or web tools and options are located in a sidebar on your website and you need to adjust the IFrame width to a smaller pixel size to accommodate.
Once everything is filled out and the pixel width and height are in the fields - Generate and Copy the code.  This is what you will use to add PF to your website.

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