View/Manage Reports - Administrator

This is where you can access all of the reporting information for yourself, your team, your Partners, and your teams Partners.
The "Search By" area is where you define the information you want to see below.  If you want to see all information regardless of the filters listed - simply leave everything the way it defaults and hit "Generate Report."
The Search By fields defined:
Date Range:  shows reporting information during a specified period of time.
Report Type: currently only a summary report is available, in future releases of PF this area may expand to include additional reporting options.
Reports:  All or My, this allows you so see only your transaction information or all of your team.
Company Name:  If you are an administrator over multiple companies, this field allows you to toggle between different Company Names.
Account Name:  If you administrate over multiple branches within a company, this allows you to filter by branch.
User Name:  you may specify a specific user or show all team members.
Partner Name:  these are the Realtor or Partners associated with the Company, Account or User (or all.)
You may export this information in different file formats (pdf, excel, csv file.)

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