How to order Canadian files?

We currently offer retrieval of Canadian files through one source, Equifax. Canadian files are manually retrieved and therefore are ineligible for submission through automated underwriting systems. The current fee per borrower for a Canadian file is $25.00
You may order a Canadian file by emailing your request, along with the information outlined below, to
  • Consumer’s full name, including applicable name variations (aka or prior name)
  • Consumer’s full date of birth
  • Consumer’s current and former Canadian addresses
  • Canadian ‘ssn’
  • Provide our file number if one exists
In most cases Canadian file orders are complete within 24 hours. If a file number does not exist at the time ordered, we will create a file number for you that may be used to retrieve a copy of the file. We do not return consumer credit reports by email.
Please note that this option applies only to Canadian consumer credit reports. This option does not apply to additional countries outside the U.S.

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