Welcome to Mortgage Preflight 2.0 
This quick start guide is here to assist you upon your first login.  Again, this is a "Quick Start Guide" so if there is something not covered please refer to the "HELP" buttons on all of the individual pages within the system.  They are customized page by page and should walk you through any and all fields that you may have questions about.      
So, you have logged in, Now what?
Let's quickly go over the navigation: 
Upon Login you will land on My Profile Page, this will act as your "Home" page and is where you can always get back to by clicking "Home" at the top of the page.  
There are 4 main navigation pages - Profile, Invites, View/Manage and Marketing.  Depending on your permission level's these navigation items will have different pages associated but we will get to that in a moment.
Profile is where you should begin as this is where you input all of the contact and company information that will be shown on your PF page (as shown in screen shot above)
My Profile is your contact information and items about yourself and My Company Profile is where the Company information will be located.  
The next tab across, Invites is where you can send email invites to add team members (if you are an administrator), Partners (REALTORS), and Consumers (Borrowers.)  
The View/Manage tab allows management over fellow teammates (if admin), management of Partner relationships, Reporting (transactions), Partner Requests (when a Realtor requests you within PF) and Campaigns.
And finally Marketing - this is where the administrator of your account can upload and maintain any documents, links, videos, etc...that they want all team members below them to have access to.  In future releases of PF, we will also have the ability to push out content and documents for your use in this section.
So where do I start? What do I do first?
Fill out your My Profile fields to personalize your PF page.  Look below (this is example of header info only)  this is the difference between a filled out "My Profile" and a blank "My Profile,"  after that it is up to you, Invite your Realtor partners, start a Campaign (if available), etc....
Again, if you have any further questions on any individual pages-  Simply click the "Help" button on each page.  They are customized to the individual page you are on and should be able to assist you.  Of course, you can always contact our Sales Support Team at 800.445.4922 Option 1 for any sales related questions as well.

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