Why Every Lender Should Be Mortgage PreFlight Enabled

Referrals Revolutionized™

Mortgage PreFlight® is a free lead generation tool that delivers new Realtor®, FSBO and Builder relationships, referrals and loans. PreFlight captures live leads in real time, from virtually everywhere and eliminates credit reporting costs while enhancing compliance results.

Stop buying expensive leads!

Now you can automatically gather mortgage prospects from every email, web-page, blog, social media and forum. PreFlight quickly becomes your best referral source. Prospects are automatically delivered to your PreFlight-enabled website where they obtain all three FICO® scores along with their PreFlight report, a customized mortgage checklist specifically designed to jump-start the lending process.

Eliminate Out-Of-Pocket Credit Reporting Costs

With each Mortgage PreFlight transaction, you receive an instant PreFlight lead alert and the full credit package including the tri-merge credit report which can then be imported directly into your LOS – All within seconds and all paid for by the applicant.

Realtors Love PreFlight

The Mortgage PreFlight affiliate program helps you quickly build a network of new Realtor; Builder and FSBO referral partners, all at no cost to you or your referral partners.

All Referral Roads Lead to You!

Learn how fast and easy it is to gain more new-purchase business and Realtor relationships with Mortgage PreFlight. Simply click the "Live Chat" button to the left to be immediately connected with a Mortgage PreFlight agent that will set you on your way to reaping the rewards of referrals!


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