How to order an automated Verification of Deposit and Assets (AccountChek)

Ordering VOD

To order a VOD, select the Employment/Income/Asset Verification header under the Product & Services area. Select the Order Verification of Deposit link.
Figure 1 - VOD Order

Once the order page has been filled out, click the Order button to place an order. Note: You can add up to 10 accounts on a single order.

The borrower will then receive an email from the system formatted like Figure 2 below.


Figure 2 - E-mail to the borrower


By clicking the link, the borrower will be taken to the following page to login to the automated asset verification system.


Figure 3 - Borrower Login


After providing all of the necessary information and accepting the Terms and Conditions, the borrower will be presented with a list of banks. From here, the borrower can enroll in the banks by adding their banking credentials and answering any necessary security questions.
Below is a sample asset report:

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