FAQ for LexisNexis® RiskView™

What is LexisNexis® RiskView™?
LexisNexis® RiskView™ is a report that is separate from the credit report, that provides lien and civil judgment data.  You can find detailed product information here.
Why do we need RiskView™?
The bureaus' (CRA's) have chosen as part of  "The National Consumer Assistance Plan" to develop Public Record data standards and service levels for the collection and timely updating of public records supplied by their shared public record vendor. In doing so, the following changes are coming into effect:
  • We anticipate no change to bankruptcy public record data.
  • We anticipate significant change to civil judgment public record data as preliminary analysis shows approximately 96% of this data may not meet the enhanced PII requirements. It is very likely that civil judgment public record data will not be part of the CRAs’ core consumer credit database after the effective date.
  • We anticipate significant change to tax lien public record data as preliminary analysis shows that as much as 50% of this data may not meet the enhanced PII requirements. Data changes and impacts associated with the enhanced collection frequency requirements are still being investigated and analyzed with the CRAs, the public record vendor and data sources.
  • The effective date of these public record changes is planned for no later than July 1, 2017.
FNMA Lender Letter LL-2017-02 provides further information on loss of public record data.
How is RiskView™ Ordered?
The LexisNexis report will be ordered through the CT website (as you would order credit) as an add on product, separate from the credit report.  Instructions to follow.  It can be used as a standard procedure ordered on every report or as a standalone product and ordered when necessary.
Is RiskView™ part of the credit report?
This product is NOT part of the credit report and is merely appended to the credit report.
If it is not part of the credit report, Where does RiskView™ appear?
The information returned will be in a separate report that is appended to the end of the credit report. Here is an example of the LN report.
Is RiskView™ accurate? 
Lexis Nexis uses their own matching and verification process to identify consumers.  This information should be verified before being used in any decision making process - Please be sure to involve your legal/compliance department for standard procedures.   
Can RiskView™ be updated?
While we will be able to attempt to update any record being returned – The report MUST first be verified that it does or does not belong to the consumer BEFORE any update on the information listed can be completed.  This WILL be for additional fees similar to a supplement and pricing will follow when available.  Verification requirements will also be available shortly and will be updated here.
How do we sign up to have LexisNexis® RiskView™ available to us?
If you are a current CT customer a simple addendum is required and can be found here.  If you are not a current CT customer, a full application will be required and that can be found here.

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