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How much money are you wasting each month in credit reporting costs associated with applicants that don't close?

Vision™ by Credit Technologies

Nationally, up to 80% of applicants fail to close.  Credit reporting costs associated with non-viable applicants represent a significant out-of-pocket expense to most mortgage professionals.  Vision by Credit Technologies gives you control over those fees by instantly identifying those non-qualified applicants and slashing costs, often reducing credit reporting costs by 30% or more.  Vision also lessens productivity losses associated with non-viable applicants, allowing originators to focus on applications most likely to close – All at no cost.

Vision’s decisioning engine allows you to focus your dollars, time and resources on viable applicants.

Vision is an automated early loan fallout detection system.  Running in the background, Vision is completely transparent, silently monitoring every credit transaction.  Once configured, Vision requires no user-intervention.

The process is simple…

Order credit reports from within your LOS per your normal procedures. Vision automatically monitors all credit requests, instantly comparing the consumer’s credit profile to your minimum requirements. When applicants meet and/or exceed your requirements, a tri-merge report is provided. When an applicant fails to meet any of your minimum requirements, a Vision report and FICO score is returned detailing the issues and slashing your-out-of pocket expenses.

Customizable selection criteria include:

  • Minimum FICO® score
  • Cumulative collections (user defined amount)
  • Bankruptcy within the preceding 23 months
  • Delinquent child support
  • Unpaid Federal tax liens
  • Defaulted student loans

Vision delivers powerful results…

Typical Branch Credit Reporting Costs



Credit Reports per Month 60 40
Cost per Report $12.50 $17.50
Total Costs  $1,450.00

Vision™ by Credit Technologies

Monthly Costs $960.00
Monthly Savings $490 34%
Annual Savings  $5,880.00
Like most Credit Technologies services, Vision is "soft engineered" allowing it to be completely customized to your specific needs, including individual user, branch, cost center or regional settings.

Want to see your savings? – Just open a chat.

We’ll create a custom report based on your utilization. Better yet, let us arrange a short webinar where you can see-for-yourself how you can save money and close more loans. Click the "Live Chat" button on the left and in about 20 minutes you’ll see for yourself what you can accomplish with a little "unfair competitive advantage".

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