^Alchemy™ by Credit Technologies

The power to transform common, into special.

^Alchemy™ by Credit Technologies

^Alchemy is an online, turn-key education solution that delivers more closed loans and increased revenue per loan.

The key to success is not software, it’s education.

You gain an instant advantage over other lenders and brokers using any other credit reporting agency. You and your staff will learn how credit scoring works and how to make it work for you and your borrowers.  Turn your entire staff into credit experts and trusted FICO score advisers to the real estate community. You’ll then be able to leverage that knowledge and newfound abilities to benefit virtually every applicant. Highlights include:

• Better qualify virtually every applicant.
• Two phone calls that can turn a 700 credit score, into 720 within 72 hours.
• Access to the "data behind the score" and learn the incredible opportunity it presents.
• Identify and correct the FICO "Kiss of Death".
• TriggerProof™ - Protect your applicants from trigger leads.
• Stealth FICO facts that can make or break deals.

 More powerful than you might think… 

Mastery of credit scoring and rescoring can benefit in more ways than simply helping you create more revenue from your current loans.

^Alchemy provides an important marketing advantage when creating relationships with Realtors®, builders or virtually any referral source.

"Give us every originator and we’ll make them better. You’ll close more loans and generate more revenue per loan, all in less than two hours."

The mortgage industry is undergoing dramatic regulatory changes that threaten the very survival of many tenured providers. It's critical that you take advantage of every opportunity to set yourself and your team apart from your competitors. Credit Technologies delivers the tools, training and support to do just that…Close loans that others can’t.

Empowering partner or just another hurdle to success?

Your credit reporting agency plays a large role in your success. If you view your current CRA as a "necessary evil", let us show you the difference choosing the right partner can have on your bottom line.

Learn what more than 1600 clients nationwide already know - Credit Technologies can help drive your success, deliver more loans, revenue and referrals.

^Alchemy training us available exclusively to Credit Technologies clients and is provided free of charge.  Click the "Live Chat" button to the left to arrange your online demonstration.  In about 20 minutes you'll see for yourself what you can accomplish with a little "unfair competitive advantage".

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