4506-T Transcript Services, and FAQ

Instructions on how to order 4506-T verifications available now for Calyx Point and Encompass  
IRS Tax Transcripts and income verification (including W-2 and/or 1099) delivered within minutes of IRS completion.  One system, one invoice, with instant access and real-time billing.

Tax Verifications by Credit Technologies
Credit Technologies is a direct IRS IVES provider. By eliminating the middle-man, we’re able to deliver faster turn times, higher quality and cost savings when compared to competitors using third party providers. We've made the ordering process simple, with your records delivered online within minutes of completion by the IRS – All on IRS letterhead.
The 4506T process can be used for:

•  Mortgage Loan Processing, QC and Auditing
•  Bankruptcy Applications
•  Filing of Tax Returns
•  Immigration Applications
•  Student Loans
•  Proof of Income or Filing Status for Any Reason Including Divorce or Other Legal Issues

Our systems are "soft engineered" allowing customization to match your existing workflows or preferences.
Order online – We’ll customize the order and delivery options to meet your needs. We then monitor the process each step of the way. When complete, your records are instantly uploaded to our online systems and you receive an email letting you know your transcripts are available. 
The Human Element
Beyond our technologies that interface directly with IRS systems, our staff will quickly become a favored asset. Our dedicated tax team reviews every request for completeness and accuracy before transmittal to the IRS. Should an error that would result in rejection by the IRS be discovered, we’ll contact you directly to quickly resolve any issues. This manual "pre-flight check" ensures the highest possible return rates while avoiding unnecessary delays and costs.
Most IRS tax and income documents, both personal and corporate, are available within eight weeks of filing
Virtually every type of income reported to the Internal Revenue Service is available including W-2 or 1099, income from commissions, Social Security, stock, K1, interest, dividends and rental income. Specific forms include:

•   W-2, 1098 series, 1099 series, 5498 series
•   Personal 1040 and 1065 series
•   Corporate 1120 (A,H,L,S)
From the time we transmit your request, the IRS is presently taking 3-4 days to complete and return your records. Although we're hard at work until 8:00PM, The IRS has an early cut off time. We must receive your request no later than 1:00PM for the IRS to begin processing the same day. Requests received after the 1:00PM cut-off, after hours, on weekends or holidays (remember the IRS observes all government holidays) are processed the following business day morning.
We can provide the following documents regardless of what state you resided, or your employer was located in. Even if your past employer is now out-of-business, we can still provide your documents directly from the IRS. Available Data Includes:
  • Personal, Corporate and Partnership IRS Tax Transcripts
  • Virtually Every Type of Income Reported to the Internal Revenue Service Including W-2 or 1099 Income From Commissions, Social Security, Stock, K1, Interest, Dividends and Rental Income. Please note, the IRS does not provide any State tax information
    The following documents are available approximately 8 weeks after filing with the IRS.
  • 2015 - 1040 series, 1065, 1120 (A, H, L, S), W-2, 1098 series, 5498 series
  • 2016 - 1040 series, 1065, 1120 (A, H, L, S), W-2, 1098 series, 5498 series
  • 2017 - 1040 series, 1065, 1120 (A, H, L, S), W-2, 1098 series, 5498 series
  • 2018 - 1040 series, 1065, 1120 (A, H, L, S), W-2, 1098 series, 5498 series
  • How Do I Obtain Tax Returns, W2s or 1099s From a Year Not Listed Above?
    The IRS/IVES automated system supports only the years listed above. To obtain copies of tax returns or W2s from prior years, you should contact the IRS directly to verify is the year(s) needed are available. You can visit the IRS website at http://www.IRS.gov  or, for questions regarding your personal taxes call 800-829-1040. For business tax questions call 800-829-4933. The IRS process for obtaining older years returns can take more than 30 days.
    Unfortunately No, this program supports only information available through the IRS and will not include any State or City information. Each state's procedures vary. To obtain state tax return information, you must contact the state in which the returns were filed.
    It typically takes the IRS six (6) to eight (8) weeks to add new filings or corrections to their database.
    The most common reason the IRS rejects requests are addresses that do not match those provided on that year’s tax return. If you have recently moved, make sure you list your prior address on Line # 4 of the IRS Form 4506. Another common reason for rejection are entries or signatures on the request form that are "illegible" - If completing the request manually, please print clearly all information on the request forms. The IRS now charges full price for all rejected requests regardless of the rejection reason. Please double-check the information provided on the request form as we are unable to issue refunds on IRS rejections.                       
    An email is sent to address provided on the request stating the nature of the problem reported by the IRS.
    Simply respond to the email and add the proper corrections, or feel free to call us toll-free at 800.473.1380, Option 2.                    
    The IRS name assigned to the manual process used to obtain transcripts of previously filed tax returns, W2s, or 1099s. W2s and 1099s are usually available even if the taxpayer has not yet filed that years return (assuming the employer filed the required year end returns.) Credit Technologies developed a system whereby you can obtain your needed documents, usually within 3-4 business days rather than the sometimes 30 days it can take through the IRS. Note, your transcripts will appear in a different format than the returns you filed or your W2s/1099s. They contain the data received and verified by the IRS. You can obtain photo static copies of your tax returns if you desire, but you must request them directly through the IRS and they may take up to 60 days to receive. Transcripts are acceptable for virtually every intended purpose including mortgage, tax filing, bankruptcy or student loan processing.       
    We do everything possible to get your data to you in the fastest method possible. Most (95%+) of requests are returned within the stated times, however, no provider can guarantee when the IRS will release your data, or if the requested records exists in the IRS database. Delays and rejections can occur due to errors or omissions on the request forms, and delays on the part of the IRS (especially during tax season.)  Occasionally the IRS search will return "no records found". This is usually due to information provided on the request not matching the records on file with the IRS. In the case of missing W2 or 1099 records, it could also indicate the employer failed to file required IRS forms.                   
     If you are unable to locate your documents, please send an email to 4506@CreditTechnologies.com. Please include your name, TRV number and the date of your request and the best way to contact you. We will quickly research your request and send an additional copy, or contact you directly.                          
    Absolutely - Call us toll-free at (800) 473.1380. Our office hours are Mon-Fri, 9:00am - 8:00pm eastern, (6:00am - 5:00pm Pacific.)  For questions after hours, on weekends, or holidays, please send your request to 4506@CreditTechnologies.com. Your inquiry will be answered first thing the next business day.
    Thank you for considering Credit Technologies, we look forward to being of service.

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